Risks While You Pressure Wash Your Exterior Surfaces

Risks While You Pressure Wash Your Exterior Surfaces  

Are You Prepared for These Pressure Washing Dangers?

Today’s modern power washers are quite effective small machines that can clean heavily soiled and stained surfaces. Many homeowners buy them aiming to save a few dollars from investing in a professional pressure washing project. However, assessing the risks along the way is smart this to do. What can happen?

If you don’t use the necessary safety gear, you may seriously injure yourself. You will need to wear protective goggles, rubber boots, and gloves to be able to finish the job safely and successfully. If for example, you start to power wash your deck or porch with bare feet and you lose balance, you may seriously hurt your feet, and even cut a toe. These jet sprays and the pressure of the water you use to clean your surfaces should not be underestimated.

The sad thing is that most homeowners ignore all the warnings trained power cleaning service providers give. What will happen if you point the jet at any other person or pet around you by mistake? Same. You will harm them badly enough to cause damage.

If you lose control just for a second or you get distracted while operating your power washer, you could cause yourself or others a serious injury. Does that sound serious enough? So, you should never clean any surface with your pressure washing equipment before reading the manufacturer’s manual.

Also, you should expect a kickback force which sometimes can be so tremendous that you can fall backward from a ladder, for instance. You should never forget that working with a power washer is extremely dangerous for inexperienced people. So, no matter how much of an enthusiastic DIY-er you are, you may try to clean your driveway, but do not use it for your house’s exterior walls and even worse, your roof. Hire a pro instead.

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