Do You Know How to Work with Your Pressure Washer?

Do You Know How to Work with Your Pressure Washer?  

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Pressure washers are amazing pieces of equipment capable of cleaning almost anything outdoors. They provide swift and effective cleaning of all hard surfaces. With a tool like this, dirt, grease, and stains will disappear within minutes. But do you know how to work with a pressure washer? A gutter cleaning specialist advises:

Using power washers is no fun. You shouldn’t even touch it before you read the manufacturer’s safety instructions. Once you really understand how it really works, you will be ready to offer your services and even clean your neighbor’s siding, deck, or walkways.

The first thing you should consider is your safety, of course. Put on rubber boots or other closed footwear, never wear sandals or leave with bare feet. Plus, you will need to use protective glasses and gloves. Whether you have a gas or an electric pressure washer, it has different nozzles for the different surfaces. For example, cleaning your metal roof will require a nozzle end of a certain size, whereas wooden surfaces will require a completely different one.

Please be advised that this equipment delivers a water jet under a high pressure, so you should never point it at another person or a pet. After you have attached the needed nozzle to the washer’s hose, your roof cleaning can begin. Before starting your power washer, make sure it is clean and well-maintained. Start it and hold the spray wand steady. To avoid damaging the surface you are treating, you shouldn’t hold it in one place for too long. Make sure to move it to the left and right all the time, you will soon see the dirt being removed. For a better effect, you can also use a detergent.


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